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Jonathan van Caspel, a reservist in the Israeli paratroopers, has taken it upon himself to clear the names of his 13 dead friends who cannot speak; thirteen friends who were killed less than 30 meters from him in a ferocious battle for the West Bank city of Jenin. Thirteen friends whose memories have been tarnished by accusations of war crimes.

We take Jonathan to London to meet some of the journalists and Human Rights activists who had written the massacre stories on Jenin. What Jonathan encounters is truly shocking. He is faced with bigotry, hostility, and a blatant double standard of ethics as well as closed-minded attitudes to perpetuate the Massacre Myth.

This myth guides attitudes reflected in EU polls, which showed 60% of Europeans believe that Israel is the number one threat to world stability, outstripping Iran, Bin Laden, Noth Korea and Saddam's Iraq.

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