• Martin Himel

Twist of Faith 13x30 mins

Martin embarks on a world trekking assignment.

In China, he finds out how Islam survives and even resists the suspicions of the Communist government.

In Canada, he meets a rebellious group of Catholic Women demanding the right to priesthood who find themselves facing excommunication from the Vatican.

In Soweto, he discovers how the energies of a powerful clergyman can give pride and hope to thousands of unemployed AIDS sufferers.

Deep in the forests of Russia, he encounters "Jesus of Sibera" a religious leader with thousands of followers who have fled the chaos of Russian life.

In the USA, thousands seek out faith healing, as a way of coping with loneliness, stress and ill health that modern life can't treat.

And in the filthy slums of Delhi, Martin accompanies a frail but powerful woman who is trying to save the Hindu Untouchable workers condemned by their low caste to a life of working in the poisonous and hazardous sewers of India.

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