This four-part series goes where others are afraid to venture...

Other filmmakers have documented the growing fear among Jewish communities worldwide as a new wave of anti-Semitic hatred seems to be gathering pace. Jew Bashing is different. Using investigative journalism and hidden cameras, we reveal Antisemitism as it's never been done before. We see Anti-Semitism on camera. Our goal is to experience this hatred, to understand...

CBC Documentary Channel

Infidelity has existed since the beginning of humanity. It has been universally condemned and universally practiced.

This four part documentary doesn't just talk about affairs, Infidelity profiles the people having the affairs and discovers that infidelities are complex issues with complex reasons and don't boil down to simple lust and mischief.

In Episode One we meet Julio, Mark, and Albert. They are al...

Martin embarks on a world trekking assignment.

In China, he finds out how Islam survives and even resists the suspicions of the Communist government.

In Canada, he meets a rebellious group of Catholic Women demanding the right to priesthood who find themselves facing excommunication from the Vatican.

In Soweto, he discovers how the energies of a powerful clergyman can give pride and hope to thousands of unemployed AIDS sufferers.


Veteran foreign correspondent Martin Himel takes you on a tantalizing journey throughout the globe to find out how various societies love, marry, pray, find cures, discover their past.

Each half hour explores one theme through three stories from three different countries.

Example Episode: Relationships

Polygamy- Utah, USA

We see how Jeff Hanks tries to share love with three wives.

Women Body Guards- Moscow, Russia

The stereotype is...

Stories from around the world.

Example Episode: Episode 5
Poles Open Old Painful Wounds Concerning Holocaust- Poland
In July 1941 the Jews of the Polish town of Radzislow were gathered together in the town square. They were beaten, stabbed and taunted. Then they were herded into a barn where they were burned alive. The atrocity was carried out by the Polish inhabitants of Radzislow. But this fact has only now come to light, wit...

Each half hour explores one theme through three stories examining our common goals and desires. Anchorless, with an optional narration in English, IN SEARCH OF can be tailored to diverse television markets in various languages.

This stimulating journey around the globe illuminates our similarities and differences, providing an entertaining, intimate and intricate look into the human race.

Sample Episode: 5: Traditional Healing


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